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Fashion is made of tales, emotions, stories and interesting facts. Therefore, when we moved from Tresanda del Sale to Piazza Mercato, to be closer to our customers and also to make new fans of vintage and second-hand items notice us, we thought of a way to share our world. This magazine was created to express our passion for fashion as an art form and also to recommend some particular accessory or garment for your wardrobe. Because each collection has got its own precious life that does not expire the year after its creation, but returns from time to time and appears to be contemporary, and because there are iconic items and brands, whose history and meaning deserve to be discovered and understood.

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A princess handbag: the Kelly bag by Hermès

It 1956 the American Life magazine cover published the picture of the young Grace Kelly attempting to hide her first pregnancy behind a Hermès bag. Thus began the fortune of one of the most popular and wanted handbags in the world, the princess of the bags, HRH: "Kelly"! Read

Happy vintage Valentine’s day!

To celebrate the day of lovers in an unique and original way, to make a truly reflected gift and not the usual box of chocolate, because vintage is better! Read

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