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The following Terms and Conditions of Sale have per object the purchase of products sold by Retrouvè through computer network at is owned by Retrouvè S.r.l. with registered office in Via Aldo Moro 48, 25124 Brescia, Italy (VAT No.: 03124450986).

Every purchase transaction will be regulated by the provisions in the Legislative Decree of May, 22nd 1999, no. 185 and Legislative Decree of September, 6th 2005, no. 206.

Conclusion of contract

All contracts for the sale of Products by Retrouvè to their customers through the website are regulated by these Terms and Conditions, which form an integral and substantial part of every order and purchase confirmation of the Products. The sales conditions applicable to each purchase are the same in force on the date of the order itself.

The sale contracts for products on the website are considered conclusive when the purchase order placed by the customer arrives at Retrouvè S.r.l. and the latter accepts it.

Following the acceptance of the purchase order, Retrouvè will send promptly the customer a receipt of the purchase order, containing a summary of the general and specific conditions of the contract, the information concerning the essential characteristics of the product, detailed information on the price, the methods of payment and the costs of withdrawal and delivery.


The products can be purchased online by adults only. The Customer, by sending the electronic confirmation of his purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with these terms and conditions, stating to have read and accepted all the information contained therein.

The customer is obliged, as soon as the purchase process online is completed, to print and keep the general conditions of sale and order form, already viewed and accepted. The Customer is requested to read carefully the provisions regarding the "rights to withdrawal" before finalizing the purchases via Internet.

How to buy

The purchase is made by the Customer at the price indicated at the time of the order confirmation. The Customer shall, before submitting the purchase order, read carefully the terms and conditions of sale. The forwarding of the purchase order involves his/her full knowledge and acceptance. The Customer must, finally, once the purchase process online is concluded, print and keep the general conditions of sale.

To make a purchase you must enter the products you intend to buy within yourshopping bag. To do this, simply click on the catalogue button "Add to Shopping Bag", select the product of interest, specifying the amount you intend to buy.

By clicking on "Shopping Bag" you can view the products selected, change quantities or delete them at any time. Please note that the prices quoted in our catalog are exempt from VAT according to Article 36 of Legislative Decree 41/95.

When the Shopping Bag contains all the products you wish to purchase, click on the"Continue" button to specify the delivery information. When you reach the Order Confirmation, according to the chosen method of payment, proceed following the different paths. Please note that by clicking on the order confirmation you accept all the sales conditions.

Methods of payment


If you choose PayPal payment mode, once reached the screen "Confirm Order", by clicking on the "Confirm" button you will be asked to fill out an additional form, in which the information of your PayPal account must be entered. The information provided will be handled entirely by PayPal in order to guarantee the absolute security of the transaction.

Credit card

If you chose payment by credit card, once reached the screen "Confirm Order", by clicking on the "Confirm" button you will be asked to fill out an additional form, in which specify the number and expiry date of the Credit Card. The information provided will be handled entirely by payment platform, in order to guarantee the absolute security of the transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: After completing the payment, click on the "Return Home" button to complete the order.

Bank transfer

If you have chosen the method of payment by bank transfer (only for Italy), go to the screen "Confirm Order", by clicking on the "Confirm" button you will receive an email containing your transaction in detail with the total amount and all necessary bank details to make the payment. To avoid confusion it is mandatory to state in the bank transfer the order number and the surname or company name of the customer. Only once the payment has been made and received by us, the goods will be shipped.

For each method of payment, once the order is confirmed, you will receive via e-mail the "Settlement Notice", the summary of the data entered and of the products requested. For those who chose to pay by bank transfer, the e-mail will also contain bank details for the payment and needed instructions to complete the transaction.

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